Aspigon Engineering & Palisades 

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Our Palisade Factory product is suitable for a wide range of applications across a variety of industries.  

We manufacture loose palings as well as assemble palisade panels at various standard and non-standard configurations. Aspigon Palisades and Engineering is well renowned to manufacture and install customised sliding gates and swinging gates ranging from 3000mm to 7000mm.   



Due to our diversity Aspigon Palisades and Engineering can manufacture V-Slotted channels, angle iron support, arched palisade panels, pet friendly bars, wall top palisades etc to customer requirements

Our customer base range from steel merchants, industrial industry, mining, commercial sites, contractor supply and the general public. 

Palisade production

Our palisade factory is equipped with state of the art palisade manufacturing machines and equipment to satisfy the demand for high production rate, quality and cost effective requirements suitable for any specification.


Aspigon Palisade and Engineering factory is capable of processing approximately 5 tons of slitted mild steel coils per production day. This equates to the production of approximately 1700 palings per day from which 100 standard domestic-type palisade panels (300m/day) could be assembled.

The factory is equipped with a roll press machine for rolling slitted coil mild steel as well as a cut off machine for assisting in flat bar, square tubing and angle iron to accept special and non-standard client requirements to ensure the minimum wastage and cost effectiveness on projects.

Aspigon Palisade and Engineering factory is also proud of our impeccable track record on quality control, repeat ability & accuracy. 

Choice of paling designs