Aspigon Engineering & Palisades has become a reputable player in the transformation of the engineering industry. Our engineering team is led by highly skilled and outstanding personnel whose wealth of experience in the engineering industry sectors has driven the company’s exponential growth to its current successful levels.

This experience covers the design, implementation and project management of projects and Fabrication Engineering includes, Buckets, Cradles, H-frames, Chutes, Material Cars, Hoppers, Cooling Tower Fans, Vibrating Motors, H-links, Pipelines, Vibrating Grizzly's, Rubber lining and Sandblasting etc, etc.

With a large workshop at our disposal, we provide total engineering solutions for a variety of engineering projects. This flexibility allows us to service a wide variety of customers from small to major enterprises.

Aspigon Engineering & Palisades  has the necessary resources, capacity and experience to meet current and future customer requirements.

Management at 

Aspigon Engineering & Palisades is confident that the company will continue on this successful path. The company’s entrepreneurial spirit and strict adherence to safety and sound business principles will enable us to continue to enjoy our position as a leading and challenging innovator and emerging leader in industry.   

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