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Electric fences are non-lethal, yet to provide an active deterrent. The advantage of electric fencing is that it gives the potential intruder a nasty shock and secondly sounds a siren alerting you that somebody is at your perimeter.

It is a good idea to contact us on a yearly basis to service your fence, as electric fences are known to suffer galvanic corrosion as it runs continuously for years without giving problems, despite no or very little maintenance.

We offer a variety of electric fences, both for the domestic and industrial market. We generally install 5, 6 & 8 strand fences, but are able to design and manufacture a variety of brackets according to your special requirements.

The energizer runs off 220 v and needs an S.A.B.S approved plug point to plug into. The energizer has a back-up battery in case of a power failure.

Aspigon Palisades and Engineering complies to all legislative requirements and standards for electric fence installation and maintenance. 

Gate Motors

Aspigon Palisades and Engineering only use gate motors designed and built in South Africa to withstand the harsh African conditions. Therefore our gates offer extreme reliability and durability.

Specific motors also feature the fast open / close facility which enhances your safety and has been specifically designed around your security.

Proximity Beams

Perfect for protecting farms and other long-boundary, high security areas (e.g. prisons, military, airport, storage yards, banks, commercial & large residential properties), Aspigon Palisades and Engineering proximity beams is in a class of its own.