Aspigon Palisades and Engineering, head office is based in Rustenburg, North West South Africa an established fabrication and engineering company. The company was established in South Africa in 2011 and in the years that have followed we have built up an outstanding reputation of the highest quality product and workmanship.

Aspigon Engineering & Palisades' highly skilled management and outstanding personnel are no exception.

A highly skilled staff contingent of approximately 15 people, with approximately 5 000 m² of floor space and ample room for additional floor space on the premises, allows us to offer complete manufacturing solutions, including, but not limited to, batch manufacturing, tailored project management, sound technical advice and manufacturing design and documentation within the scope of an ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 18000 environment.

We are a customer driven organization focused on the satisfaction of customer requirements, specializing in the cost effective manufacturing of sheet metal components, sub-assemblies and projects, entailing under-license manufacturing, procurement & installations. In order to remain an innovative leader in the sheet metal component manufacturing market through the continuous and optimum use of technology, we constantly invest in said technology to expand our capacity even more and to keep abreast of the latest trends relating to our core business function.

Aspigon Palisades and Engineering provides a range of specialist services to a diverse range of client basis, which include Fabrication, Boiler making and On-site Maintenance to name but a few.

Our success throughout all areas has been based on proven engineering principles and years of hands on experience in fabrication and engineering. Aspigon Palisades and Engineering liaise closely with our customers from the first inquiry to the final invoice, this not only forms an excellent working relationship but it also builds confidence between the customer and ourselves to ensure that all runs well. 

Aspigon Palisade and Engineering understands the importance of getting the job done on time and within budget.


Ø To produce quality, that exceeds expectations.

Ø To be the number one service provider.

Ø To be viable in both, value adding and sound financial practices.

Ø To be recognized as industry leaders, resulting in innovative role models.

Ø To grow geographically into a nationally renowned organization.


Ø To be a highly motivated company to improve our partnerships with our client community.

Ø To be a health and safety conscious company, which aims to ensure a safe working environment in 

    all our activities.

Ø To be a skilled company that is effective, empowered and enthusiastic in our service.

Ø To be a responsive company focused on the expanding needs of our clients.

Ø To be a proactive company that anticipates and influences change.

Ø To be a company of world renowned craftsmanship, which will by no doubt, exceed our clients



Aspigon Palisade and Engineering quality assurance strategy is to effectively manage and control design, manufacture and site erection (where applicable) of our product base in order to prevent defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering our product to our customers.

Our quality assurance is supported by qualified supervision and workforce, knowledge of drawings, processes and services, and the use of A-grade raw material and parts, with an integrated inspection program of the production line.

Aspigon Palisade and Engineering has put in place the necessary policies, practices, and procedures for achieving best practice and complying with such standards so that our product is suitable for the intended purpose. 


People are entitled to a safe, healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.                                         Aspigon Palisades and Engineering strives to improve our safety, health environmental and quality performances in ways appropriate to the nature, scale and impact of our services.